10 Reasons to love cartTray!

We serve 10 reasons to love cartTray, which portray our dedication towards our customer by giving them and provide the best services we can always.





1. Easy to navigate website

We are providing you an easy to navigate website, where you can toggle around the website easily. We have designed the website in a way, where you can search your order and place your order easily. Just a simplify website for you to shop happily.



2. Savings guarantee with challenging price

Shopping with cartTray means, always you can save something on your purchases. Also, we will offer you some challenging prices compared to the local market, sometimes, depending on the market price variables.



3. Best Customer Service Experience

We can assure you that, we will always try to provide you seamless customer service experiences from our side.



4. Genuinity Guarantee

One thing is sure that, we will always be transparent towards our customer, and always will serve you in terms of all genuinely purposes. You can rely with us always.



5. Best Quality of Products

You will always get quality of products from cartTray. Providing quality of products is our one of the top notch priority.


6. Low Price

We will always try to provide you all the products with a very effective low price from the market.



7. Variable Range of FMCG Products

At cartTray we have variable range of FMCG products to serve you.



8. Easy Returns

As we have the 100% return policy, you can return your products to us within the given effective date and times. For more information on this, please go to our Return policy page.



9. Authentic Products

You will always get authentic products from cartTray, as we have direct tied up with some companies, or we are procuring the products from authorized sellers.


10. Trusted Online Payment Protection Gateways

Do not worry about the online payment transaction at cartTray, as we are using secure payment gateway protections with secure server. You can make your online transaction by providing complete faith on us.